First Wives Club: The Musical Finds a Home in Chicago

When you think of Chicago, you probably think of a few different things. Mustaches and sausage. Towering skyscrapers. An “interesting” political history. A perfect melding of man and nature at the impeccable lakefront. Larger than life figures like Big Bill Thompson, Al Capone, and Richard Daley. If you’re of a tragic bent of mind, the Cubs.

But there is way more than that. Chicago is a city with a rich legacy of powerful women, from the social justice crusader Jane Addams to the award-winning and mind-blowing architect Jeanne Gang. It’s also a city with a remarkably lively theater scene, from the incubator of American comedy at Second City to the hundreds of independent shows from north to south to the grand performance district in the heart of the Loop. This combination makes it the perfect place for First Wives Club: The Musical

The river that made Chicago, home to the new First Wives Club musical.

Powerful Women and Musical Legends.

It might not be Italian beef, but we think that sounds like a recipe Chicago will enjoy. The story of First Wives Club has resonated for decades since the release of Olivia Goldsmith’s book in 1992 and the hit movie four years later. We’ve taken the best parts of those two- the betrayals the brilliant and outlandish revenge plots, the friendship, the drama, and the laughter- and added 22 new songs by Motown legends Holland, Dozier, and Holland.

We’re opening in 2015 at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts at the Oriental Theatre, a venue as beautiful as it is legendary. We couldn’t be more excited to perform on such a historic stage and to become a part of its legacy. Our goal is to have you exciting onto Randolph singing our songs, laughing at your favorite parts, and taking into the whole Chicagoland our message about the power of friendship and the unbreakable nature of women.

Our kind of town

It doesn’t matter if you root for the Sox or the Cubs, prefer the el or the Metra, or put ketchup on your hot dog (well, maybe). You’ll love the story, the music, and the message. So come on out to see us, Chicago.We’re excited to bring First Wives Club: The Musical  to a city that is second to none.