Join us on our journey!

Faith Prince, Christine Sherrill and Carmen Cusack

Chicago is our kind of town

We’re excited to debut First Wives Club at Chicago’s Oriental Theatre in spring 2015. The Windy City has an illustrious history of supporting the performing arts and theater. Chicago is the home of Second City and dozens of innovative theater troupes. We believe that it’s the perfect location to present First Wives Club to the public.  It’s worth making the trip to Chicago to see First Wives Club and experience everything this vibrant city has to offer.

Thank you for joining us at First Wives Club! We’re excited to have you here, and taking our journey from book to movie to the big stage in Chicago. It’s an exciting time as the show comes together, as we work to give you the laughter, heart, and music we hope you’ll be humming for days afterwards.  Get all the news about the show here. We’re so happy you’ve joined the club!

Revenge is a dish best served as a sweet dessert

We know Hamlet said revenge was best served cold, but we’re going to add a bit of sweetness to the plotting and scheming. The lovely ladies of payback are Elise, Annie and Brenda. First appearing in the hit 1992 novel by Olivia Goldsmith, they were brought to life on the big screen in the 1996 comedy starring Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn. We’re taking First Wives Club to the big stage.

A marriage of creativity

First Wives Club may be about divorce, but our production is a marriage of the minds. Producers Elizabeth Williams, Paul Lambert and Jonas Neilson are collaborating with writer and five-time Emmy winner Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (Designing Women), director Simon Phillips (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Musical), and the legendary Motown composing lyricist trio of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Eddie Holland, who have reunited to to create new music for the show.

If you’ve ever sung along to songs like “My World Is Empty Without You”, or “Stop in the Name of Love”, “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” and “Reach Out I’ll Be There”, you’ll want to be first in line to see The First Wives Club.